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Pry is a runtime development console and an IRB Ruby alternative. Pry is intended to be more than a replacement for IRB Ruby. It is an attempt to bring REPL-driven programming into the Ruby language.

Ruby Pry: What is the Ruby programming language and what is it used for?

Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in Japan in 1995, slightly inspired by Python and Perl, under a free software license.

Among its main features we can mention object orientation, exception handling and the use of regular expressions. Ruby makes use of four levels of variable scope. The latest version is 2.7.

IRB Ruby Pry for developers.

What is an IRB Ruby?

IRB Ruby (Interactive Ruby Shell) is a read, evaluate, and print loop, also called a language console or Windows Console Alternative. IRB Ruby is basically a programming interface.

A Windows Console Alternative such as Pry, or any other Ruby IRB, uses three functions, read, evaluate, and print, to facilitate the programmer’s task. With the use of an IRB Ruby there is no need to enter full units, since the Windows Console Alternative generates the results from simple expressions.

Windows Console Alternatives such as Pry and other Ruby IRBs have a library of inputs and outputs, error handling and result variables.

What is Pry REPL?

Pry is a Windows Console Alternative for the Ruby programming language created in 2013 by John Mair, Conrad Irwin, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Kyrylo Silin. The latest version requires IRB Ruby 1.9.3 or later and has over 43,000 downloads.

Pry’s main features range from syntax enhancement, runtime invocation, to the ability to view and replay input and output history, as is the case with many IRB Ruby.

As with other Windows Console Alternatives, Pry has a live help system that allows for instant troubleshooting by a team highly trained in the use of IRB Ruby and Windows Console Alternatives.

Install IRB Ruby Pry

Naturally, Pry is a Windows Console Alternatives, so it installs like any other Ruby IRB, or as they are often called, ‘gems’. To install Pry as an IRB Ruby, you must enter the following code:

gem install pry

$ pry

On certain occasions some users have reported problems when trying to install IRB Ruby Pry. This is usually because they have not previously installed Ruby Gems, which allows them to enter Windows Console Alternatives.

When you install Ruby Gems, you must run the “ruby setup.rb” file and enter the “Run as Administrator” command. Once you have done this, you can enjoy Pry as well as any other Ruby IRB.

Quickstart for Pry.

Pry Ruby IRB Features

Below we explain in detail all the features that IRB Ruby Pry allows you to access so you can understand why it is one of the best Windows Console Alternative:

  • With Pry you can access and navigate the source code. Even if you use the pry-doc gem, you’ll be able to access the C kernel source. For this, as explained above, you must have installed Ruby Gems.
  • Navigation through the State: With Pry you can access a function that allows you to navigate through objects, filtering by context and varying levels, just like on a file system. This feature is not present in many other Windows Console Alternatives.
  • Browse the documentation. Pry documentation is accessible through the pry-doc file installation. To access it, you only need to install the gem by writing the following line of code: “gem install pry-doc”.
  • Live help system. Pry support will allow you to correct and solve any kind of problem through a direct contact with specialized representatives. Another great advantage of Pry over other Ruby IRBs. 
  • In addition, on the website of this Windows Console Alternative you can consult guides and tutorials to learn the basic operation of Pry. 
  • Open methods. Pry also allows you to explore editor methods. To see all the information, you must enter the show-doc line followed by the method you have chosen, as follows: “pry(main)> show-doc Array#map”.
  • Syntax highlighting. This function is very common in IRB Ruby and is present in many text editors in various programming languages. What it does is basically present the source code with different colors and fonts according to its category. This makes it much easier to detect syntax errors and correct them. The colors and fonts do not change the content of the code, but only serve as an aid to the programmer, which is why this technique is called secondary notation.
  • Integration of shell commands. 
  • An input line starting with a ‘.’ will be forwarded to the command shell. This allows us to navigate the file system, generate editors, and run git directly from Pry.
  • In addition, we can use the command in shell mode to incorporate the current working directory into the Pry flag and bring the file name completion. We can also interpolate Ruby code directly in the shell using normal #{} string interpolation syntax.
  • It also serves to log and allow you to access your command history.
  • Gist integration. Gist is a software that consists of a graphics library in C language.
  • Invocation during runtime. This means that like Windows Console Alternative, it is possible to invoke Pry in the middle of any project. If you are running Ruby, activating Pry will open a separate session.
  • Upon completion, the previous session will be reactivated including any changes you have made. This means that Pry can be used as a Windows Console Alternative and is very useful for debugging, console deployment, and patching.
  • Pry allows the use of exotic objects such as iClasses, Basic Objects, etc.
  • An easy to use but very powerful command system. When Matsumoto created Ruby, his idea was to give programmers a language with lots of tools but at the same time a lot of fun to use. Ruby IRBs like Pry follow the same trend, and that’s why Pry allows the use of a wide variety of tools, without becoming dense and difficult to write.
  • Pry also allows you to view and play back the command history.
  • Each Ruby IRB has its own set of methods and commands depending on the language they use. In this respect, Pry is no exception, offering commands inspired by shells and Windows Console Alternatives such as IPhyton or Smalltalk.

Windows Command Shell.

Why is IRB Ruby Pry a Windows Console Alternative?

Like other Ruby IRBs, Pry is a Windows Console Alternative that makes using the Ruby programming language much easier. This type of software takes the commands entered by the programmer and performs a triple action: read, evaluate, and print.

With every change in the code, the process is repeated, which is why it is called a loop. Windows Console Alternatives such as IRB Ruby Pry are especially practical for inexperienced programmers as they make the task of writing less tedious.

In addition, syntax highlighting contributes to the ease of use of Pry, which as an already existing Ruby IRB is less dense than many other advanced programming languages.


The team that created IRB Ruby Pry is made up of three young programmers from San Francisco. John Mair, founder of the project, under the alias banisterfiend, Conrad Irwin and Ryan Fitzgerald.

They have been joined by hundreds of contributors who have provided expertise and financial support to support and enhance Pry, which remains free license software and has become one of the most popular Windows Console Alternatives at IRB Ruby.

Why do we use Ruby Pry to develop on Cobalt Blue Media?

At Cobalt Blue Media we always choose to use the best tools to generate solutions for the websites we develop. That’s why we have used IRB Ruby Pry, as it is one of the best Windows Console Alternatives in this programming language.

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Frequently Asked Questions about IRB Ruby Pry

Ruby IRBs are programming interfaces that loop through three actions to make the programmer’s job easier. These programs read, evaluate, and print out the commands entered.

Pry is one of the most popular, and certainly one of the most dynamic, Ruby IRBs, offering a wide range of possibilities while maintaining the simplicity typical of this language.

Pry, like other Windows Console Alternatives, is a great help for those who have to write large portions of code in the Ruby language, or for those who don’t want to do the hard work of having to keep track of every detail.

Using a Ruby IRB like Pry makes it much easier to create functional code in this language. Syntax highlighting makes Pry an ideal tool for web developers and Ruby programmers in general.

Yes, Pry is a free, open-source Windows Console Alternatives. The project is registered under an MIT license.

This Windows Console Alternatives was created by John Mair in 2013. Working with him were programmers Conrad Irwin and Ryan Fitzgerald. They were joined by hundreds of collaborators who have made it possible for Pry software to continue working normally and to be freely used.

Yes, indeed Pry is a Windows Console Alternative that will allow you to write in the Ruby programming language and provide you with many tools to make this task easier.